Freelance Unity Developer

Due to my extensive knowledge and experience with Unity I can do pretty much anything on nearly all platforms.

To name a few common tasks:
– Implement gameplay
– Implement GUI’s like menu’s and hud’s
– Design and implement systems like achievements, character customisation and AI

When using Unity I only code C#, VisualStudio is my preferred text editor.
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I have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and have been programming since 2003.

My game developer career started back in 2007 at Paladin Studios. At first as an intern and years later as the leader programmer.

I have been using Unity fulltime since early 2008 and it’s my game engine of choice ever since.

Find out more about my career and experience on LinkedIn.


As a Unity freelance developer I can work both on- or off-site and on a hourly- or per project-base. My hourly rate should be discussed as it could vary a bit due to factors like schedule and traveltime.

Feel free to contact me as I am always interested in your proposal. When requesting a rough quote I will need at least a project description. When required, signing a NDA won’t be a problem.

If you are interested in my hiring me you can contact me by sending an email to or by using the contact form.