Duckworld Smart Adventures

The time has come: you too can live inside Duckburg! Take a refreshing dive in Scrooge McDuck his moneybin, design your own soapbox, race down the mountain and try to figure out who sabotages the zoo. You need to stop it before it’s too late!

Duckworld Smart Adventures contains two episodes, fourteen ingame storytelling cutscenes and over twenty mini games!

For more info and a demo visit the website of Duckworld Smart Adventures.


In may 2014 Sanoma asked me to join their team of about fifteen freelance game developers to create Duckworld Smart Adventures. As the lead programmer my role was to create, maintain and take responsibility for the technical design as well as to lead a team of three talented programmers. Next to these tasks I also developed a few mini games and the ingame smartphone.

Duckworld Smart Adventures has been made by Sanoma, the Donald Duck IP is owned by Disney.