January 2012 - Rejected Games


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This week I have been busy creating business cards and while I was at it, I couldn’t resist creating some wallpapers too. As I am not an artist I could only use what the logo designer gave me but I’m really pleased with the endresult.

“But Lukas, why .jpg?” I hear you say. Well apparently Windows is a bit stupid, if you use a .bmp or .png file and set as background, Windows will always convert it to a .jpg with really bad compression. When you already use a .jpg with no compression (okay almost, setting 12 in the range or 1 – 10) it doesn’t touch the file and you have superb quality.

Click ’em to get the full 1920x1080px version.

Logo Part 1.5

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Just wanted to let you know I did not forget to post logo part 2. Its not here yet because the designer is still working on it. We finally got the concept we were looking for after some talking and sketches. The waiting will be worth it, I promise.

In the mean time I do have the final logo, without the surprise that is.
Behold (the Looney Tunes-style background is optional):

I’m happy with it, whats your opinion?