December 2011 - Rejected Games

Logo – Part1

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You must have already saw it, if not, look to the upper-left and behold: a draft version of the new logo! Its not finalised yet but I am already pretty happy with it.

One very important lesson I learned when I got this draft from my designer: view it on a decent display (preferably an Apple device)
My 5 year old Samsung 226BW just washed away all the colors. Really it was that terrible. I wish I found that one out before I send the comment “Hey, the colors are really faint, could you fix that?” to the designer.

Because its such a nice logo and this blog really needs some pictures:

There is yet a surprise to come, more about that in part 2.

Out with the old, in with the new

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Just yesterday I had my last day of work at Paladin Studios. The last four years went by really quick and it was a pleasure working there. I’m definitely going to miss all of my colleagues…

On the otherside, it means I can finally crack on with Rejected Games! Soon I will register the company at the chamber of commerce in The Hague to make it official. In the meanwhile I’ll just be busy getting this website done, layout and content wise. Design and color will have to wait till the logo is done.

Last Thursday I had a great brainstorm with my friend and top-notch designer Ricardo of RZ Design. Once I got something to show, I’ll post back.

I’m im(Word)pressed

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WordPress is just awesome. I never thought I would enjoy creating a website this much, WordPress¬†just takes all the pain away. Its funny, I’m programmer by origin and so far I haven’t touched a single line of code. And I’m not planning to do so in the future as it makes updating WordPress and the theme a lot easier.

Talking about the theme, I bought Striking on themeforest for just $40 bucks, a bargain if you ask me.

Now I need to complete the about and games pages, tweak some other pages and get me a logo.
The next post is probably about the logo so stay tuned.

Hey you!

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Welcome to the blog of a very fresh game company, Rejected Games. I am just getting started with putting this website together so stay tuned for more content and games of course.

I do however find it great you already found this blog. You should tell your friends and family about it!
Or leave a comment after the *beep*